Computer Hardware


Network & Phone Cabling:
Cat5e & Cat6 cabling are the current standard for cost effective Ethernet networks running at 100Mbps or 1Gbps. The less expensive Category 3 cable is still used for phone wiring, and is more than adequate for this purpose. We provide a full range of cabling services, from complete office installations, to troubleshooting network and phone line connectivity.

PC & Server Hardware:
We are a full service PC & Server hardware shop. From purchasing, to troubleshooting faulty components, to hardware upgrades, we cover your complete range of hardware needs. We have A+ Certified technicians to help you through every step of the process.

Networking Hardware:
Network hubs, switches, routers, desktop and laptop interface cards, and wireless devices are just a few of the networking hardware components that we can configure and install for you. Would you like to upgrade your network infrastructure to gigabit speed, or perhaps move to an encrypted wireless network? We can get you there in a snap.

Laser Printers:
Laser printers & copiers are great to have around, but can be a complete pain when something breaks, or just isn’t functioning quite as it should. We provide laser printer services for most major brands, such as HP, Ricoh, and Canon.